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Assaf Kacholi  // Symphony

Assaf Kacholi is one of the most versatile singers in Europe, dedicated to different genres and styles. As an independent artist,He masters the film music repertoire, popular songs and musicals as well as the classical music repertoire. Assaf is well known as a member of the successful classical-crossover vocal Ensemble ADORO, who have already released 10 bestselling albums in Germany and Austria. Assaf has also built up his own career, performing on renowned international stages and on TV-shows. His first solo album “Berlin – Tel Aviv” reflected his two souls, feeling at home both in Berlin and Tel Aviv. His actual album “Amore”, will gives a very personal insight into his life and passion for Music. Assaf has chosen love songs from the Italian cinema and classical evergreens amongst others to take the listener on a very special and emotional musical journey.

His upcoming Album “Symphony”  will feature songs from opera, musicals, film, pop songs and jazz. All songs are very emotional and in different languages .

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